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Zoom Camera Inspection Services

  • CTZoom PortaZoom truck mounted zoom camera inspection services inspect the structural and operational condition of municipal sewer, water and utility pipelines.
  • Camera inspection of sewer manholes and pipes, water and hydro / bell chambers, culverts and catch basins.
  • Data is compiled utilizing CTSpec and ESRI ArcView Software suites.
  • All inspection files and data compiled according to NASSCO PACP and MACP standards.
  • Culvert inspection for Roads Departments and Railway Authorities.

“Strictly from a cost and time perspective it is evident that Zoom Camera can
produce results at a fraction of the cost and time required for traditional CCTV inspections”
Kevin Bainbridge and Harry Krinas, Department of Public Works, Asset Management Section,
Municipality of Hamilton ReportView Report >

Zoom Camera Versus CCTV Crawler Inspections

Zoom Camera

  • Maximum coverage of 6,152 feet per day/crew
  • Cost 0.977/ linear metre – $
  • 30% less time to complete inspection
  • Sewer lines do not need to be flushed
  • Gives an overall snapshot of the system

CCTV Inspections

  • Maximum coverage of 2,296 feet per day/crew
  • Cost $5.75 / linear metre – $1.75/foot
  • 3 times longer to complete inspection
  • Cost $5.75 / linear metre – $1.75/foot
  • Gives an assessment of the pipe

Zoom Camera Versus CCTV Crawler Inspections
Kevin Bainbridge and Harry Kinras, Department of Public Works, Asset Management Section,
Municipality of Hamilton Report – View Report >

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Crawler Camera CCTV inspection Services
CCTV inspection units come with a remotely operated camera mounted to a semi-autonomous robotic crawler Close Circuit Television that can withstand any harsh environment.
Semi-autonomous crawler-type CCTV sewer inspection services are provided using CUES CCTV equipment and CTSpec and ••  •    
  ESRI ArcView Software suites. Sewer inspections are completed in conjunction with sewer flushing operations.
• All field crews are NASSCO PACP / MACP certified.
• All inspection files and data compiled according to NASSCO PACP and MACP standards

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Sewer Flushing and Catch Basin Cleaning Services

Our Fleet of Cleaning and Flushing trucks provide high pressure cleaning and vacuuming of wastewater collection systems, storm water drainage systems, lift stations, manholes, and catch basins.

• Utilizing Vactor and Camel sewer flushing / vacuum combination trucks our field crews provide routine and emergency on-call flushing of municipal sewer lines and chambers according to client requests and routine flushing programs, Flushing is completed to facilitate CCTV sewer inspection and operation.

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Emergency Sewer lateral cleaning and maintenance services

On-call 24 hour emergency response for municipal clients to clear house lateral blockages and document blockage location related to property lines, etc…
• Utilizing Ratech and Cues sewer inspection systems and RIDGID sewer snake cutting tools, our field teams respond to City generated trouble calls and work to clear lateral blockages.

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Trenchless Technology Sewer Rehabilitation Services

 Our innovative pipe repair and no-dig technology allows us to repair damaged water lines and sewer pipes without disruption, site restoration, disposal, storage and other additonalcosts.

•Infratech Services utilizes the Perma-Liner CIPP spot repair and sewer lateral rehabilitation, The Permaliner system produces a new cured-in-place pipe within existing sewers and house laterals.

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Watermain Leak Detection Services

  • Utilizing the Echologics LeakFinder technology our field crews, are able to ascertain the location of watermain leaks within the   
      municipal water pipeline network. The equipment can read the sound of the escaping water via electronic sondes attached to
      water valves, and hydrants.

Proactive management of sewer assets can REDUCE total asset cost by 20-30%. – E.P.A
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Infratech Services offers camera inspections of sewer, pipe, and manhole cover systems for utilities, municipalities and industrial companies in Sudbury, Toronto, Hamilton, Cambridge, Ottawa throughout Ontario.

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